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Amanda Anderson is an author, Bible study writer, and speaker living in Southern California with her husband of twenty-two years and her two teenage daughters. Her ministry, Heart in Training, reaches women's ministries, weekend retreats, mothers groups and Christian Recovery ministries throughout the country. She has spoken at the MOPS International Leadership Convention, the West Coast Life Recovery Convention, and is a regular guest on New Life Live radio. A former member of the speaking team at Mariners Church's Care and Recovery Ministry, she has also written a five-week video series and workbook called The Bridge: A Biblical Introduction to the Twelve Steps. In 2021, she edited the new small group video series and participants guide How We Love, by best-selling authors and relationship experts Milan and Kay Yerkovich. Amanda currently works in the recovery industry, facilitating groups on boundaries, life skills, communication, self esteem, and trauma for patients struggling with addiction and mental health diagnoses. 

Like her book All My Friends Have Issues and its companion video Bible study, Amanda's speaking messages focus on discovering freedom through authentic relationships with God and others, releasing perfectionism, seeking spiritual self-awareness, and embracing self care. Having overcome a decade-long struggle with anxiety and depression and worked a Twelve Step program for relationships, Amanda blends psychological research, personal experience and Biblical truth to create topics that are challenging, often hilarious and always culturally relevant.

Amanda is a passionate quilter, embroidery enthusiast, sustainable gardener, bookworm, beach bum, and flea market junkie. She loves watching English period dramas, going to therapy, traveling with her husband, hanging out with her teenagers, and talking to her girlfriends for hours about absolutely everything.

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