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Oct 25, 2019

This week I started reading an Insta-friend's book on women loving Jesus with all their heart, mind, soul and strength -- whatever that looks like for them. Author Kat Armstrong and I met through an online introduction by Vivian Mabuni, a wonderful Bible teacher and writer. Our three books were released on the same day this past July, and we celebrated online together, tagging each others books on the New Releases table at Barnes and Noble.

Before speaking at Awaken, we smile.

Free dating advice: If the prospect wants to talk about your submissiveness to his leadership, get the heck out of there, because I'm afraid for you...Nowhere in the Scriptures do we see a prescription for the kind of male leadership that controls, manages, or forces someone to submit. Submission, by definition, is not something asked of us; we offer it willingly to the Lord. Never in my sixteen years of marriage has Aaron, my husband, ever asked, suggested or ordered me to submit...I gladly lean on my husband as my closest confidant. When He speaks into my life, I listen. And we haven't crossed a decision yet where we were not willing to wait to be on the same page and move forward in unison.

Listening to me on stage, Jeff gets very serious.

What Kat and I have experienced is something for which we are -- and should be -- profoundly grateful. We have husbands who submit to Jesus, and also trust our ability to hear Jesus clearly. Don't get me wrong -- I have been wrong sometimes and made some major relational mistakes because of my own brokenness; Jeff has called me out on them. But when it comes to God's calling on my life, we've never had conflict. Because both men in my life, Jesus and Jeff, see me as a valuable minister and teacher, and also a wife, a mother, a woman worthy of love. With tears streaming down my face as I write this, I'm profoundly grateful for them both today.

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